Daily Double Horoscopes for August 28, 2014

Suzanne White's Daily Double Horoscopes are truly unique!

They offer both your Daily Sun Sign Horoscope and your Daily Chinese Zodiac sign horoscope in one place for you to read and compare and plan your day around.

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March 21 | April 20

Even if your levels of confidence are less than what you would like, pretend that they aren't! This will help increase confidence, and give those around you the idea that you are extremely capable of whatever task is placed in front of you.


April 21 | May 21

Sometimes dear Taurus, you shouldn't have to try more than once. Making changes can lead to unnecessary squabbles. Just be accepting of the way things work, and deal with them. Life will be easier for you and your colleagues.


22 May | 21 June

You may be perfectly right concerning a situation at school, but unless you have concrete evidence, it is not a good idea to just give out phone numbers to other parents without really knowing them.


June 22 | July 23

Through life's ups and downs it is essential to maintain a brave face. Now that you know in which direction you would like to proceed, half the battle is won. Take time today to figure how you will go about it.


July 24 | August 23

Work may feel a little boring right now. New directions feel like giant mountains to be crossed, but cheer up. It's not that bad. All you need to do is regain your focus. Find a friend to talk to and analyze all the pros and cons.


August 24 | September 23

Short term solutions often feel like the easy way out. But there are occasions when a quick fix helps bring moments of clarity. It doesn't mean you are avoiding the difficult path, but that you are giving yourself time to recuperate.


September 24 | October 23

You have fairly strong powers of intuition, dear Libra, possibly due to the fact that you are always looking for the correct balance. Use them to be more aware of yourself now, rather than other people.


October 24 | November 22

Sometimes, dear Scorpio, no matter how hard you try, your heart will take over from your head. Being practical in romance is dull for you. And on this occasion, recklessness will most likely pay off.


November 23 | December 21

You should take up a game of strategy and conquest, dear Sagittarius, so you understand how to make your moves in the boardroom. Paintball or chess, both could work, both are about open ambush.


December 22 | Januari 20

Some of you couples have been concentrating too much on being extra nice. Show each other a bit of your dark side. Only by learning to live with and love the negatives will you really enjoy the positives and come out stronger.


Januari 21 | February 19

If you have been in a solid relationship for a while now, dear Aquarius, it is time to shake it up. Suggest certain changes to your lover and watch their reactions. Focus on sending them positive vibes.


February 20 | March 20

While you like to give, you love to receive even more. Basking in the warmth of love and affection makes you bloom. An ex-lover may turn up at your door to apologize and ask for another chance. Ask yourself if this would be successful.

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Spend time with your sibling today. Even meeting over a cup of coffee will help. As you grow older, you move apart physically and emotionally. Your lucky numbers today are 19 and 58 and combinations thereof.


Shifting planetary alignments, particularly of the Sun, are going to give you an emotional boost. Things will start to look brighter and more positive. Your lucky numbers for today are 38 and 91 and combinations thereof.


The Universe has been telling you that saving is what you should do or you may find yourself in debt. Take stock of exactly where you are today before you are in too deep. Your lucky numbers today are 11 and 93 and combinations thereof.


Jupiter and the Moon are about to align themselves perfectly for you. This means that you can take several steps that you were unsure of earlier. Your lucky numbers for today are 10 and 33 and combinations thereof.


Professionally you will reach a point where a decision has to be taken and cannot be changed. It will push your career forward, but encroach on your personal life. Be careful. Your lucky numbers today are 37 and 84 and combinations thereof.


Sudden crises with children could take up much of your morning, but they will resolve by afternoon so you can breathe easy! Your lucky numbers for the day are 37 and 6 and combinations thereof.


Surrounded by so many positive vibes will find you really moving ahead. All those who underestimate you will have to deal with the consequences of your energies. Your lucky numbers for the day are 8 and 16 and combinations thereof.


Memories of childhood may leave you with a strong sense of nostalgia. If you have the numbers of any old friends, be sure to give them a call and you will feel a sense of belonging. Your lucky numbers today are 54 and 39 and combinations thereof.


Today you may seriously have to consider just how far you should push yourself in order to gain others' respect. Killing yourself over work is not going to help. Your lucky numbers today are 37 and 2 and combinations thereof.


Don't forget to expand your social circle, dear Rooster. Staying holed up in your coop all the time is a bad idea. Have an evening out, even if it is an odd day. You never know whom you might meet. Your lucky numbers today are 7 and 36 and combinations thereof.


Holding a friend's newborn in your arms may awaken a hidden desire to be a parent. If you do not have a steady partner, you could consider adoption to give a child a home. Your lucky numbers today are 4 and 19 and combinations thereof.


Ambition may get a huge boost as various financial constraints sort themselves out. An older relative could gift a lump sum of money, no strings attached! Your lucky numbers today are 34 and 90 and combinations thereof.